Booking Form & Hire Agreement

Please complete the booking form in full below. Email our Centre Manager, Rachel Elizabeth at to confirm receipt of your submission.

Hirer's details

Minimum 18 years of age, or 25 if the hire is for an event with music and / or alcohol.


Please tick all the facilities you will require.

Will alcohol be served? (See Conditions of Hire point 32)
Will music be played? (See Conditions of Hire point 34)

Date & time of hire

Event starts
Event ends
Estimated numbers attending

Describe your event

Repeat bookings

Leave blank if one-off.


The deposit to be paid when booking has been confirmed and invoice received.
Regular hirers: No charge, Adhoc hirers: £50, Theatre hirer: £150.

All remaining payments must be paid 1 month in advance of booking.

Hire charge per hour:
Theatre: £60/hour, Longham Room: £30/hour, Hampreston Room: £27.50/hour, Hayes Suite: £25/hour, Stapehill Room: £20/hour, Bar: £20/hour.

Payment method

Please make cheques payable to "Ferndown Town Council" for the attention of the Finance Officer at Ferndown Town Council, Barrington Centre, Pennys Walk, Ferndown BH22 9TH

BACS payment
Sort code: 30-93-25
Account number: 00365154
Please include your invoice number for reference purposes.


Please provide your bank details for refunds.

Confirmation of booking

I have read and accept the conditions of hire (below) and apply for use of the facilities as listed above.

I agree to a damage deposit to be specified by Council staff.

I agree that I have read and understand the Council's Privacy Notice below.

I agree by signing the consent box below that the Council may process my personal information for providing information and corresponding with me. I have the right to request modification on the information that you keep on record.

I agree to leave the hire area clean and tidy, including kitchen, toilets, hallways and outside, to put all equipment away, and to leave the venue as found.

I am over 18 / 25 years of age.

Complete & send

Privacy Notice

Ferndown Town Council is a data controller. This means we need to collect your personal data so we can process room hire bookings. We will only collect the personal data from you that we need to process room hire bookings. Information collected includes names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and the nature of the room booking. If a complaint relates to a service received by another person, we will contact them separately for consent if this is appropriate in the circumstances.

We do this in the public interest. We will not be able to process your booking without the personal data you provide us with.

We do not share or sell information with any other third party.

We need to hold accurate and up to date information about you so that we can deliver appropriate services. If any of your details change, you need to tell us as soon as possible so that we can update your records. We will not: use your information for marketing or sales purposes without your prior explicit consent, send or store your data abroad unless it meets the requirements of the Data Protection regulations, make decisions about you based on automated processing.

We keep all records relating to room hire booking for a period of seven years.

You have the right to access the personal information we hold about you. Any access requests are free of charge. If the information we hold about you is inaccurate, you have a right to have this corrected and you have the right to request completion of incomplete data.

You have the right to ask us to erase your personal data in certain circumstances ('right to be forgotten'). You have the right to ask us to stop or restrict the processing of your personal data, in certain circumstances. Where possible, we will seek to comply with your request, but we may need to hold or process information to comply with a legal requirement. You can make any of these requests by emailing or by letter to the Town Clerk, Ferndown Town Council, The Barrington Centre, Ferndown, Dorset BH22 9TH.

If you are dissatisfied with how we have used your personal information, you can complain to the Information Commissioner's Office at Ferndown Town Council's Data Protection Officer is Louise Harrison, the Town Clerk.

Conditions of hire

1) All hire is at the discretion of Ferndown Town Council (Council) and its authorised Officers. Officers reserve the right to refuse a booking.

2) All bookings are to be made by submitting a signed and completed booking form (by post or email) and paying the hire/deposit charges to Council once an invoice has been generated. No booking is considered as confirmed until the invoice has been settled in full. Regular hirers will be invoiced by arrangement with officers. All hirers are required to pay for bookings in advance of hire.

3) All booking enquiries are held for 2 weeks as a provisional booking and at the discretion of officers. If confirmation via a booking form is not received within this period, Officers reserve the right to cancel the enquiry and release the provisional booking.

4) A refundable damage deposit fee will be payable at the time of making the booking for all hire. The amount will be confirmed by Officers and refund will be subject to the Officers being satisfied that:

  • The area(s) hired are cleared and cleaned for subsequent hire to go ahead as scheduled.
  • The hirer vacates the premises promptly at the end of their hire period as specified on the booking form.
  • There is no loss or damage has occurred to the area(s) hired or contents.
  • No additional time for setting up and/or clearing away is used.
  • No additional cleaning is required by Council staff following the hire period.

Deductions will be made from the deposit if Officers are not satisfied the points above have been complied with. The Council reserve the right to issue an additional invoice after the hire if any damage caused by the hirer exceeds the amount of the deposit.

5) The hirer must be age 18 or over or 25 for music / alcohol related hire.

6) The hire time booked by the hirer must be adhered to and should include time allowed for setting up, cleaning and vacating the venue.

7) The hirer is responsible for being in charge of the premises during the hire period, including emergency evacuation procedures, responsibility for unauthorised access, any damage caused and the security of the building.

8) The hirer must only be in the venue for the hours paid for – other hirers may be booked into the venue after your hire and the hirer is only insured for the hours invoiced for

9) The hirer will ensure that the number of people using each room/venue does not exceed that permitted.

10) The hirer will ensure that the purpose and conduct of the agreed hire does not disrupt the use of any other room hired by others.

11) The hirer acknowledges that no relationship of landlord and tenant is created between the Council and the Hirer by this agreement.

12) Sub-letting is not permitted.

13) No animals (except assistance dogs) are allowed in the venue without prior permission.

14) Smoking is NOT permitted in any of our venues (including the use of e-cigarettes).

15) Hirers that use the Council's facilities do so at their own risk and are responsible for meeting all food and hygiene regulations.

16) Any electrical appliances brought into the venue must be safe and in good working order The Hirer shall only use additional heating, power, cabling or other electronic fittings or appliances with the prior consent of the Council.

17) The use of LPG appliances or other flammable substances are to be agreed by Council and public liability public liability insurance produced in advance.

18) Council will not accept liability for any loss or damage to property brought into or left at the venue in connection with any hiring nor shall it accept any liability for loss of profits, sales or business or any other indirect or consequential loss suffered by the Hirer as a result of the hire of the venue.

19) The hirer is advised to be insured against third party claims which may lie against them whilst using the facility. (The Council is insured only against claims arising from its own negligence). The Council shall not be liable for the death of, or injury to, the Hirer or the Hirer's employees, contractors or any other guests or invitees to the venue save where such death or injury is caused solely by the Council's negligence.

20) All catering arrangements must be agreed with Officers at the time of booking. The Council does not guarantee any catering arrangements made at a later date.

21) The area(s) hired should be left clean, tidy, rubbish removed and suitable for the next hirer. Any necessary additional cleaning will be charged.

22) All tables, chairs and other equipment used by the hirer must be replaced as found in their storage area.

23) During the hire period the hirer shall not interfere with any lighting, heater, cabling or other electrical fittings or appliances at the venue, nor drive any nails or pins into walls or woodwork, nor use sticky tape or other materials on surfaces which could possibly be damaged by such use.

24) The hirer shall not use the venue or allow the venue to be used for any unlawful purpose or any unlawful way or do anything in the venue that would render invalid any insurance policies in respect to the venue.

25) The hirer shall ensure that users do not contravene law in relation to gaming, betting and lotteries compliance.

26) The Hirer shall not do or permit to be done anything at the venue which is illegal or which may me or become a nuisance (whether actionable or not), annoyance, inconvenience or disturbance to the Council or to any other users of the venue or any owner or occupier of neighbouring property.

27) The use of smoking machines or any form of pyrotechnics must have prior approval of Council.

28) Under the Children's Act 1989 and safeguarding procedures, the hirer is responsible for safeguarding procedures in relation to hire involving anyone under the age of 18 children and vulnerable adults.

29) Hirers must ensure that all fire exits, passages, and doors are kept free and unobstructed during the hire period. All venues display fire evacuation procedures.

30) The hirer must report all accidents involving injury or damage to Council staff as soon as possible and to record any accidents in the "Accident Book" located in the Box Office. Any failure of equipment must also be reported as soon as possible.

31) Hirers are to comply with the entertainment/music/alcohol licenses the Council have in place for the venue and will cease at a time subject to individual contracts and hire agreement with the Council. The hirer shall not during his/her occupancy of the premises infringe any copyright or performing right and shall indemnify the Council against any sums which the Council may have to pay by reason of any infringement during the period of hire.

32) Alcohol
The venue has a Designated Premises Supervisor who is responsible for the sale and supply of alcohol. Any hirer that wants to supply alcohol at an event must liaise with Council's Designated Premises Supervisor.

33) Hirers are to note that the venue is in a residential area. The hirer should ensure that noise is kept to a minimum. A complaint in relation to noise or anti-social behaviour will be treated as a breach of the hiring agreement and will lead to the loss of the hirers deposit, and cancellation of future bookings without refund and refusal of future bookings.

34) Music
When playing music of any kind, all music must stop at a time agreed subject to individual contract and hire agreement, in compliance with the Premises Licence for the venue.

35) No goods or equipment may be left stored at the venue without prior permission of the Council. Any goods or equipment which are stored are left at the owner's risk. The Council accepts no responsibility for loss and/or damage of anything stored. A fee for storage may be charged, at the Council's discretion.

36) Fittings and equipment must not be removed or interfered with, and floors must not be treated with any substance. No fittings or decorations may be attached to the building internally or externally without prior permission. In the event of damage resulting from the negligence of the hirer, its employees or agents, Council will make it good and charge the hirer with the cost of any replacement or repair which is not due to wear and tear.

37) The sound and lighting equipment at the venue may be operated only by experienced personnel specifically authorised by Council staff. The Council cannot be held responsible for electrical equipment used by the hirer. Any such equipment must be PAT tested by the hirer prior to use within the Centre.

38) Cancellations
All cancellations by the Hirer must be confirmed in writing to Council staff (either by post or email) and a cancellation fee applied as follows:

  • cancellation with 28 days, £25% of the hire charge.
  • cancellation with 14 days, 50% of the total hire charge.
  • cancellation with 7 days, 75% of the total hire charge.

39) Council reserves the right to cancel any hire booking at any time and in such cases, fees paid shall be refunded to the hirer. The Council shall not be liable to pay any compensation to any person in respect of the cancellation.

40) The Council reserves the right to search all containers, bags, boxes and equipment coming into or leaving the venue, including those brought onto the venue by guests during the hire period.

41) Hire charges are reviewed annually with changes being applied with effect from 1st April. The Council reserves the right to amend charges and these conditions at any time.

42) No variation of this agreement shall be effective unless it is in writing and signed by the parties (or their authorised representatives).

43) This agreement does not give rise to any rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any term of the agreement.

44) Governing law - the agreement, and any dispute or claim (including non-contractual disputes or claims) arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter or formation, shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with the law of England and Wales.

45) Jurisdiction - each party irrevocably agrees that the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim (including non-contractual disputes or claims) arising out of or in connection with the agreement or its subject matter or formation.

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